1b. Cultural Support Workshop

Wednesday 16th September, 14.00-15.30hrs, Room 4,
Education Centre, Conquest
East Sussex Medical Education (ESME) aim to increase the awareness
of UK culture among doctors joining the NHS from overseas or doctors
who may need some additional support where necessary with their
written and spoken English language skills. We aim to create a social
and professional support and learning network with emphasis on
student led interactivity
Main Objective
 To support doctors with their English language skills both written
and spoken
 To further the understanding of UK culture enabling our doctors
to communicate more easily given the diverse nature of today's
 To be able to use the above skills in a clinical setting to enhance
your rapport with patients and be cognisant of patients questions
and concerns
 To encourage overseas doctors to look at their own backgrounds,
share their culture with colleagues and build a picture, for
themselves, of the diversity that we find in the UK today
 To look at communication with colleagues in a clinical setting.
Considering each doctors field of specialisation, address any areas
that might need a more specific type of support
Please contact christina.morphew@nhs.net
to confirm your intention to attend
UK Life and Culture
 The Family Unit Today
 Cultural Diversity
 Religion
 Men's & Women's Roles and Social Change
 Relationships and Understanding Others
Customs and Social Practices
 Meeting and Greeting / Parting
 Good Manners
 Body Language
 The 'Apology'
Communication Skills
 Social
 Professional
 Specialist Terms
 'Difficult' Situations ('Moments of Truth')
Reading, Writing and Speaking
 Reading and the written word: types of material - the Press,
books and literature, professional publications
 Writing, written English and its grammar
 Speaking: speed, vowel sounds, diction, accuracy, accent, slang
and the use of euphemism
Ongoing Support
 Email support access
 Personalised action plans
 Vocabulary building