Architect speech

Architect speech
I am an architect. Architecture is the art and science of
designing and building structures.
I am trained and licensed in designing buildings, and I
participate in supervising various constructions as to
ensure that everything is in its correct place. I am
important to the community because I design and help
build homes, local shops, businesses and etc…
Architecture is a business of which also involves,
technical knowledge, management, and understanding
of business, each as important as design.
Before building, an architect must plan, some architects
build models from cardboard or plastic, others just draw
a blueprint. Then the building blueprint is built after
being sent through the council to be seen and approved
of. The building is closely supervised by the architect
during construction as so the building is built according
to plan.
An architects building must be sturdy and strong, as to
be protected from natural disasters, one must also look
admirable from the outside, for example a house, if it
looked pretty bad and haunted from the outside, nobody
would want to live in it, and it also must be pleasant
from the inside for example, a business, if it wasn’t
pleasant, no-one would like to work in it.
And that’s the end of my speech