Snowshoeing Permission slip

February 19, 2015
Dear Families of DSA’s 6th graders:
We are pleased to announce that next month, on March 2 & 5, DSA has once again been given the
opportunity to go snow-shoeing with Balarat, DPS’s Outdoor Educational Team. This will be the seventh
year in a row we’ve taken this trip, and we’re sure it will be every bit as fun and exciting as it was the last
six years!
Since our 6th grade class is so large, Balarat gives us two dates to accommodate all our students. Half the
class will go on Tuesday, March 18; the other half will go Wednesday, March 19. We leave DSA at
7:45am and return by 2:15, so we’ll be back in time for busses and carpools. On the day that students are
not snow shoeing, they just follow their normal school schedule. For this trip, we split the class by arts
majors. The table below tells which arts majors will go on each day.
Monday, March 2, 2015
Creative Writing
Vocal Music
Visual Arts
Thursday, March 5, 2015
Due to the nature of this trip, please make sure the students are properly prepared to spend the day
outdoors in a cold environment. Each student is required to pack their own lunch (DSA can provide sack
lunches under the normal school-lunch program for any child who wants one), carry their own backpack,
bring their own water, and dress appropriately for the weather. Students should consider carrying extra
clothes to ensure they remain warm and dry. On the back of this form is the recommended packing list
from the Balarat office.
We look forward to another great day outdoors experiencing wonderful Colorado!
Thanks very much,
DSA’s 6th Grade Team
Please sign and detach the bottom of this letter and return to Mr. Abbott by Friday, 2/27/15.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I hereby give my child permission to go snow-shoeing with DSA and Balarat.
Student name (Please print)
Arts Major
Parent Signature
What to Bring List
Water bottle – filled
Waterproof Boots – tennis shoes won’t work
Warm hat – one that covers your ears
Mittens and/or Gloves – mittens are warmer
Warm Socks – wool are the best
Long underwear – both top and bottoms, or flannel pajamas work great
Pants – wool, thinsulate, pile, or polypropylene are better, jeans are not the warmest
Jacket – insulated
Sunglasses and sun block
Gaiters are great if you have them.
Winter Clothing for Back Country Travel
Active winter sports like cross country skiing and snow shoeing require versatile clothing that
will keep you warm and dry. The best way to achieve this is with layered clothing.
1st Layer: Next to your skin the first layer should fit snugly, allow freedom of movement, and
not absorb water.
2nd Layer: The middle layer keeps you warm with insulation. Wool shirts, sweaters, and fleece
garments are ideal. This layer can be taken off and carried in the pack during strenuous activity
or warmer weather.
3rd Layer: The outside layer needs to be weather proof and breathable. Hooded jackets are
preferred by most.