Which Scientist first said that Plants were made of cells?

Which Scientist first said that Plants
were made of cells?
• Schleiden
The molecules have “heads”
and “tails” and are found in the
cell membrane.
What are phospholipids?
The organelles associated
with photosynthesis
What are chloroplasts?
The powerhouse of the
cell – where respiration
takes place and ATP is formed.
What is the mitochondrion?
The mesh-like network of protein
fibers that supports the shape of
the cell.
What is the cytoskeleton?
Has ribosomes that produce
necessary proteins
for the cell; maintains homeostasis
by moving supplies
from place to place in the cell.
What is the rough endoplasmic
The structure that encloses the contents
of a cell, allows material to enter and
leave the cell, and is selectively
What is the cell membrane?
This structure immediately
identifies a cell as being a
What is the nucleus?
The double membrane surrounding
the nucleus.
What is the nuclear envelope?
The packaging and distribution
center of the cell.
What is the golgi apparatus?
In eukaryotic cells, these are
found in structure “2”.
What are chromosomes?
These organisms have cells that
lack a nucleus and membranebound organelles and were found
on Earth before eukaryotes.
What are prokaryotes?
Eukaryotic cells are much larger
and have more specialized
functions than prokaryotic cells
because they contain these structures
which take up space and carry out
specialized activities.
What are organelles?
The statement that is NOT part of
the cell theory:
a.) All organisms are made of cells.
b.) All cells function in the same way.
c.) Cells are the basic units of structure
and function for all living things.
d.) All cells come from other cells.
What is “all cells function in
the same way”?
The three main structures that a
Plant cell has that an animal cell
does not.
What are cell wall, large
central vacuole, and chloroplasts?
What types of photos do bio
teachers take?