Worksheet - Animal & Plant Cells

Beaconhouse School System
SGO-1, Southern Region
Name: _____________________________________
Subject: Science
Class: VII Section: _______
Answer the given questions:
1. The diagram on the right shows a cell.
a) Is the cell a plant cell or animal cell? Explain
b) Label the nucleus, cytoplasm and cell membrane of the cell.
c) Which part of the cell contains the information which is
passed down from a parent to the offspring?
2. Use the given word bank to differentiate between a typical plant cell and a
typical animal cell. Mention different parts and their functions as well.
Word Bank
Animal cell: irregular shape
Typical parts of a cell: cell membrane, cytoplasm (jelly like), nucleus, chromosomes
(thread like structures), vacuole
Plant cell: box like shape, chloroplast (green pigment), cell wall (stiff structure)
Plant cell
Animal cell