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Colorado Springs School District 11
Guidelines for Overdue, Lost or Damaged Library Books
It is the primary purpose of Colorado Springs School District 11 school libraries to teach information literacy,
provide access to materials and information, teach a love of books and reading, and to create lifelong readers and
However, to demonstrate fiscal responsibility within our district, we must consider how to approach books that are
lost or damaged by patrons. The following are District 11 guidelines that will help us maintain our library
collections and to be responsible users of the monies used to purchase library books.
Although this policy may vary by school, in general, K-2 students are allowed to check out one book per
week. Second through fifth graders are allowed two books for a two week period. At Middle and High
School, these numbers vary by school.
There are no charges for overdue materials; however, students are encouraged to bring back their library
books on the date that they are due to ensure they are able to check out additional books.
Overdue reports are run by each school on an individual basis, and are provided to students and teachers.
Occasionally, overdue notices are sent to parents when efforts with students have been unsuccessful in
getting the books back to the library. The notes sent to the parent/guardian will list the books as well as
the replacement costs if the book cannot be found. Please know that it is our priority to have the book
returned so that others may have access to the book.
Lost or Damaged Books
a. When it is discovered that a book is missing, please notify your library staff so that you can work
together to find the book.
b. If books are lost, the student and/or parent or guardian is responsible for payment.
c. If books are damaged beyond use (at the library staff discretion), the student or parent/guardian is
responsible to pay for the replacement cost of the book.
d. Do not attempt to repair books at home. If the damage can be repaired, library staff will do the
repairs with specialized equipment and there will not be a charge.
e. Once the payment is received, a receipt will be given to the person paying for the book and the
student’s account will be cleared for new check outs.
f. Lost books that have been paid for, but which are found and returned within the same school year
will be refunded. Books found after June 1 of the ending school year will NOT be refunded, and may
be kept by the student.
g. To request a refund, please bring proof of payment to the school office and follow the procedures
requested by school staff.
In Elementary School, after two months of a book being lost or damaged beyond use, the student may
check out one book at a time, but that book must remain at the school until their obligation is resolved.
When the lost or damaged book is returned or paid for, the student’s record will be cleared. Secondary
School’s procedures vary by school.
Students who are withdrawing from school should return all library materials before leaving. If the
student is enrolling at another District 11 site and was unable to return the book at the previous school,
the book may be returned to that new D11 school. Library staff will see that it is returned to the owning
We encourage parents and guardians to work with their child to provide a safe place to keep the books
they have borrowed from our school libraries. Children need to be taught these responsibility skills as
they don’t always understand little brothers and sisters as well as pets can pose a danger to books. We
want them to be active and excited users of our libraries!