Cereal box homework sheet

Cereal Box Biography Project Homework
The majority of the work for this project will be completed at school in language arts class, including the
research, planning, and word processing. Some requirements, more artistic or computer-generated, are to be
completed outside of language arts class. These requirements and their due dates are listed below. Get started
right away. If you are done early, great!
Work to be done AT HOME or during guided study
For the sides of the box:
 2 or more small pictures or artwork, no larger than 2 inches by 3 inches, of the biography person or
something related to the person. Pictures may be an Internet printout or photocopied, but be
sure to list your sources in your Works Cited list. Save space for the 10 Facts on one side of the
cereal box and the Works Cited record on the other side of the box. Pictures should be glued at
the top or bottom of the sides of the box.
Be sure to record your picture sources on the Works Cited Record sheets provided to you at school or
use Easy Bib to save them to your Google doc in Google Classroom.
For the top of the box:
 Title (name of person) word processed or neatly written in large font (approx. 1/2" tall).
 Your name and hour, neatly written, in a font larger than 16.
Cut these out and glue them onto a piece of construction paper for a background and then to the
top of the box.
For the front of the box:
 Name of person--stenciled or drawn clearly or word processed in very large-sized font (> 1" tall)
 Birthdate and death date (if deceased) printed in large font, but smaller than the person's name
Examples: 1920-2008 or 1938 - today (if still living)
To be completed and glued onto box (at home) by December 4.
We will be researching and doing the written portions of the project in school.
We'll glue the written portions to the box at school during LA classes.
 Original, colored drawing of the person in the realm for which he/she is famous-this means
you need to include something with the drawing that reflects the person's reason for fame (a
book for a writer, dressed in sports uniform for a sports figure, a microphone or album cover for
a singer, etc.)
 Tracing an outline of the person is ok, but photocopying or computer print-outs are NOT
ok. You will not be graded on your artistic ability. Just do your best and be neat, add
color and details. (I have skin-colored colored pencils for borrowing if needed.)
To be completed and glued to front of box (at home) by Monday, December 9.
Please keep the box at home until Ms. Lichte asks you to bring it in.
This will not be until the second week of December. Do not bring it in early; there is
no room to store them!