Doctoral Candidate Regalia Order Form

Barnes & Noble @ UAB
Graduate School – PhD, DrSc, DrPH, EdD
Doctoral Rental Regalia Package runs $83.98 before tax*.
This includes a cap, gown, hood, and tassel. If you wish to purchase your regalia or
use a tam instead of a mortarboard with your rental gown, you must contact George
Bennett at prior to March 18, 2016. Ground shipping adds an
additional $6.95 to the total cost**. Late rental orders (orders received after April 9th,
2016) will incur a $25.00 Rush Fee and will not be deliverable to your home address.
Please send completed form to We will begin calling to process
payment on regalia orders on March 9, 2016, or you may stop by the Barnes and
Noble at UAB to pay anytime prior to the deadline.
regalia pickup orders will be available starting Monday, April 25th
**Shipped rental regalia will arrive at your address by April 27th **
Degree Program
Address if being shipped: