Farmer, T.W. & Xie, H.L. (2007). Aggression and school social

Farmer, T. W. & Xie, H. L. (2007). Aggression and school social dynamics: The good, the bad, and the
ordinary. Journal of School Psychology, 45, 461-478. doi:10.1016/j.jsp.2007.06.008
A social dynamics perspective of aggression in school is presented. This framework focuses on the role
of natural social processes in the establishment and maintenance of aggressive behavior in the school
context. The five articles in this special issue are briefly reviewed and a synthesis of their contributions
for understanding the social dynamics of aggression in school is underscored. Future research and
intervention implications are also discussed. The need for examining the role of school social dynamics
in conducting social skills interventions, functional behavioral assessments, and the development of
positive behavioral support plans is emphasized.