File - educational technology 2

Sarah Jean Cobaria BSED – 3
November 26, 2013
ED - 11
Traditional instruction
Traditional classrooms are not extinct, but integrated technology classrooms are
increasing. According to Technology Counts 2010, a report by the Education Week
website, 47 percent of all elementary school districts and 53 percent of all secondary
school districts in the United States offer online curricula to students. Similarly, the
report also states that 87 percent of all elementary school districts and 95 percent of
all secondary school districts provide access to electronic administrative tools to
Traditional classroom teachers provide instruction within the classroom or school
boundaries. In these classrooms, teachers often communicate with parents and
students via phone or written notes.
IT – integrated instruction
While integrated technology classrooms open up the world of information via the
Internet, traditional classrooms limit learning to the classroom resources.
In integrated technology classrooms, teachers can use live streaming videos,
instead of giving lectures, to enhance their instruction and improve student
engagement in the classroom. Also, classroom teachers can use various tools
such as web chats and emails to provide feedback to students as well as parents.
1. What are your ideas about students spending off school time playing computer
games in computer café/ rooms?
 For me maybe because they are bored or they don’t want the teacher, it’s based
on my observation in my friends in high school that they are more interested in
computer games that listening to the discussion in class. There are times that
they forgot to eat because of computer games they enjoy playing. They forgot
their responsibilities they prioritize computer games than others this.
2. While Educational Tech 2 is not about teaching computer skills, do you believe
adequate hands – on computer skills are necessary to put technology integration
into practice? Give reason for your answer.
 For me it is important to have a review on hands on because even though
student in education tech 2 already have knowledge in computer we also need
review so to make sure all can do the activity this is the basic way to teach
student in edtech 2.