Latin III/Honors Latin III Agenda for the week of November 11, 2013

Latin III/Honors Latin III Agenda for the week of November 11, 2013
Monday, November 11th – No school!
Tuesday Nov. 12th – Friday November 15th:
At home this week:
This work should be done independently. You should not have the same reflections or questions as
anyone else in the class. I will not give credit to any duplicate assignment.
Watch at least 4 videos from the YouTube list.
Take notes and/or watch each video twice.
Write a two to three sentence reflection for each video – telling me what you have been
struggling with understanding related to the topic, why this topic has been challenging to
understand, what has been made more clear related to the topic, what you are still having a
difficult time understanding, what might make this topic more understandable, etc.
Write two grammar questions about the Lesson IV story (with answers) related to the video that
you watched. For example, if you watched a video on third declension nouns, ask for the case
and number of two third declension words in the story. Be sure to include the lines from the
Complete verb review worksheets as homework.
In class:
Study for the vocabulary and derivative test on Wednesday, November 13th.
Read Lesson IV story and write an English translation. Divide the translation into equal parts for
the group. For your part, you must be prepared to help your group members with the
vocabulary and grammar in your section.
Write your sections here:
I should see the markings on your copy of the story where you have identified clauses in
the sentences, where you have identified the vocabulary words that you are unfamiliar with,
and where you have identified cases of nouns and tenses of verbs that may not have been
obvious. You will be given credit for your effort in understanding your section of the story. You
will also be given credit for explaining it to other members of the group. You will be expected to
seek out help from group members and from me when you do not understand something.
Each group member should pick two sentences in their sections of the passage to parse using
the guided “think aloud” worksheet. You will be responsible for explaining, in detail, the
grammar of the sentences and why they are translated the way they are. These two sentences
should be longer and more complicated sentences. I will take into consideration what you
chose to work on when giving you points for this assignment. Did you just find an easy
sentence, or did you find a sentence that was more complicated that you needed help in
I expect each of you to have a written translation for the entire story.
As a group, write 5 comprehension questions about the story. They should not be similar to the
ones in the book.
As a group, create 10 grammar questions about the story. They must identify each of the cases
(preferably coming from different declensions with some being singular and some being plural),
different tenses and voices of verbs (focus on the perfect system in this lesson), and possible
adjective agreement. Credit for this assignment will depend on the quality of your questions –
did you ask challenging questions about grammar that is important to understand in order to
understand how to translate the story.
Complete the oral practice activity together using the white boards. Leave the verb
conjugations on the white boards for me to check and to give you credit for.
Complete the translation sentences. You may work together, but you should each have your
own sentences. Copy them to Socrative so that you can check them (and I can see how you did),
and correct them.
Read “The Year One” and answer the questions. You must complete your own question/answer
You will be given credit for working throughout the class period. You will lose participation points for
not staying on task during class time. Class time ends for juniors and seniors TWO MINUTES before class
ends, and when the bell rings for freshmen and sophomores. You will lose participation points if I have
to tell you to put your phone away and work. If you use an online translator, you will lose points, both
participation points and translation points. You are not cheating when you use an online translator –
you are wasting time and are not completing the given assignment.
If your group finishes early, there are other enrichment activities that you may work on –,, SAT practice, logic puzzles, etc. I will be happy to help you find something to do.