Vintage art with newspaper

Zoe’s Photoshop lesson on vintage artwork with newspaper
Step 1.
Open a new document 700px by 1020px
Step 2.
Use the number 23 brush and up the size to 380
Step 4.
Use the brush to splotch your blank canvas with various shades of blacks and whites with greys. Also,
leave some white.
Step 5.
Go onto google and find a crumpled up paper texture.
Step 6.
Use the rectangular marquee tool to crop out a canvas sized piece of the texture.
Step 7.
Go to Image and then crop to resize the picture.
Step 8.
Drag the paper image onto your original canvas.
Step 9.
Click and drag the paper image onto your original canvas and hit Ctrl Z to resize the paper to fit your
Step 10.
Double click on your paper layer to find the blend option.
Step 11.
Under blend click the option “Overlay” then press okay.
Step 12.
Click the Curves option under adjustments above your layers.
Step 13.
Adjust the curve up or down depending on how dark or light you want your picture.
Step 14.
Find a picture of a person half to full body and in black and white in google images.
Step 15.
Open your picture on Photoshop
Step 16.
Click on the pen tool
Step 17.
Click around the outside of your person so you have just the person selected.
Step 18.
Right click on the person and select “Make a selection” then press okay.
Step 19.
Make sure your layer is not a background. Click “Select” on the top of the screen then go down to
inverse. Then hit backspace and okay.
Step 20.
Repeat the process until all of your background is gone and just your person remains.
Step 21.
Drag your person tab onto your canvas tab then drag the cropped person onto the canvas and place at
the person at the bottom.
Step 22.
Make sure your on your person layer then Click “Filter” and go to the option “Filter Gallery”
Step 23. Choose the “water color option” press okay.
Step 24. Add a layer mask to the model at the bottom of the screen below your layers
Step 25. Click the eraser tool
Step 26. Use the brush No. 23 and change the size to 201
Step 27. Erase some edges on your person
Step 28. Make sure your person layer is selected. Go to “Filter” then select “noise” and reduce the noise
to 0% and press okay.
Step 29. Make sure your mask layer is selected then go to “levels” under adjustments and change them
to 35, 0.83, and 255.
Step 30. Also change the curve on your layer mask so your person fades more into the paper.
Step 31. Open a picture into Photoshop of newspaper clippings. And select the “lasso” tool.
Step 32. Select parts of your newspaper with the tool and drag them onto your canvas.
Step 33. Make different selections of the newspaper and place them in different places and different
ways around your person.
Step 34. Use a soft eraser brush to soften the edges of the newspaper articles and give it look of fading
into the background.
Step35. Use the paint brush to add some more color to your person then change the curve and levels to
your desire and you’re done.