activities in geography and art-DT

On the outline map of Lancashire show some of the localities of the
tales: Leyland, Clitheroe, Burnley, Bury, Rochdale, Wigan,
Manchester, Warrington, Bacup, Leyland, Preston, Samlesbury and
Pendle Hill.
 What tale is associated with each of these places?
 Where are the counties of Cheshire and Yorkshire?
 Where is the Irish Sea?
The tales use the magnificent landscapes of Lancashire; a county with a
wealth of hidden treasures. With this in mind,
Creat :
 Pictures and collages based on shapes in nature- branches on a
tree, ripples on a pond, different leaves, the variety of trees.
 Pictures and collages based on colours in nature – berries in the
hedgerows, flowers around the locality, leaves on different trees.
 Special outdoor art pieces from leaves, stones, rocks, soil, snow
and sand.
 Will they be permanent or temporary ?
 Paint or draw key scenes from the tales.
 Paint or draw key characters.
 Make clay / plasticine models of the animals and the boggarts.
 Design a T.V. advertisement for one of the tales.
 Draw a cartoon version of a tale. Display this on a long roll of
 Use boxes to build mini-dioramas depicting key scenes from a tale.
 Make masks for characters, use props and dressing up clothes.
 Use digital cameras to create mini films of scenes from the tales.
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