Medical Specialists

Medical Specialists
Medical specialists are doctors who have completed advanced education and clinical training in
a specific area of medicine. Obstetricians are doctors that take care of women when they are pregnant
from the beginning of pregnancy to the end of pregnancy. A cardiologist is a doctor with specialty
training and skill in finding treating disease of the heart and blood vessels. A neurologist is a is a doctor
that specializes on the brain or the neuron system or the nervous system like the brain diseases of the
brain or neuron diseases. Oncologist is a doctor that specializes with tumor or cancer and that study is
called oncology.
Nursing staff
Surgical nurse is a nurse that takes care of the patience before, and during also after surgery.
Registered nurse is a nurse that provides and coordinate patient and teach the public about different
health problems, and provide tips and emotional help to people and family. Licensed practical nurse is a
nurse helper who provides basic nursing care to a big variety of clienteles. For example immediate level
tasks and ect.
Obstetricians takes care of pregnant