ICU Connect List Rules

There are now over 940 members subscribed to the ICUConnect mailing list. List members include:
Senior Nurse Managers, Nurse Unit Managers, Clinical Nurse Consultants, Clinical Nurse Educators, Nurse
Educators, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Data & Research Nurses, Equipment Officers, Area ICU Program
Coordinators, Critical Care Stream Managers, Registered Nurses, Allied Health professionals, Medical
Directors, Staff Specialists and academics. Membership has now extended from NSW to the other states of
Australia and internationally. All members have an interest in Critical Care services.
ICUConnect hopes to be able to provide something for everyone – but there are limits. Some rules and
regulations must be followed to keep the aims of the LIST in perspective.
Please abide by the following rules:
1. The prime purpose of the LIST is to discuss issues of intensive care / critical care.
2. Always put something OBVIOUS and CONCISE into the SUBJECT area.
3. NEVER post or forward messages containing jokes or any other unrelated material.
4. Keep messages short and to the point. Compose your message, spell check it, and reread it before
posting. Before you post something make certain it is relevant first.
5. Try to keep all messages (queries and responses) in the public domain. ‘Thankyous’ and
‘Congratulations’ need only be mailed to the interested parties.
6. Don’t post “MAJOR NEWS EVENTS” (e.g. Train Derailment at…) to the LIST, by the time most
people receive such items they will have already been informed by conventional media.
7. Don’t include the entire text of the message you are responding to in your answer.
8. Avoid offending others by excluding offensive language and racist/sexist remarks.
9. If you have a disagreement with another LIST member – do not hash it out over the net.
10. If using drug names – use generic names only.
11. Avoid submissions in a single case (all upper or all lower). They are difficult to read.
12. Use a “signature file” at the end of your message with your name, designation, address, hospital
affiliation, telephone and fax details.
13. NEVER POST job vacancies on the list.
14. Follow your AHS’ and NSWHealth internet/email etiquette policies.
Once you are a member of ‘icuconnect’ using it is exactly the same as sending any other
email. The email address is:
NOTE: Privacy rules: pp 11 of Privacy Manual (Version 2) – NSW Health (PD2005-593)
Last Updated: June 2009