Complements: Objects of Verbs

Lesson 9: Complements: Objects of
 Action verbs often need
complements. These are called
direct objects and indirect
 Direct object: a word or group of
words that names the receiver of
the action of an action verb.
o A direct object answers the
question whom or what.
 Movie producers often
borrow real homes.
 Indirect object: a word or group
of words that tells to whom or to
what (or for whom or for what) an
action is performed.
o An indirect object usually
comes between the action verb
and the direct object.
o It is not possible to have an
indirect object unless there is a
direct object.
 We lent the producer our
 Finding direct and indirect
 The producer paid us money.
o Find the action verb in the
sentence. (paid)
o To find the direct object, ask
Paid what? (money)
o To find the indirect object,
ask, Paid money to whom or for
whom? (us)