Happy Holidays from LIV - Leaders In Volunteerism

December 2011
LIV Mission: To strengthen the leadership skills of volunteer managers
and increase community awareness of the importance of volunteerism.
LIV Officers
Sue Driscoll, President
Elisabeth Kissling, VP
Kathy Waychoff, Treasurer
Barbara Berns, Secretary
Work Phone
398-5372 Ext 22
[email protected]@org
ekissling @foundation2.org
[email protected]
[email protected]
Happy Holidays from LIV
The Board of Directors of Leaders in Volunteerism would like to wish each and
everyone of you Happy Holidays. We hope that you have plenty of time to spend
with family and friends and the peace, warmth and happiness that comes with the
Holiday Donation Project
Thank you so much to everyone who attended the Holiday Luncheon and
donated items for the Catherine Macauley Center, Foundation 2 and the
Department of Corrections. Each organization was able to go away with
several bags of toiletries to be donated to families in need during this
holiday season.
January LIV Meeting
Our January LIV Meeting will be held on January 10th from 8-9:30 at the Wilson
Ave. Hy-Vee Community Meeting Room. Please come early and make use of the
kitchen at Hy-Vee to order your breakfast. The staff will deliver it to the meeting
room when it’s ready.
We will be sharing documents from our organizations that are used for interviews,
job descriptions and evaluation of volunteers. Please bring at least one copy of
your documents to share with other members. We will learn from each other and
hopefully have some lively discussion. We would also like to be able to keep a
copy of your documents and post them to the LIV website as a resource for other
members. So, if you can, please bring a copy you can leave with the board.
Become Involved in LIV
Are you looking for a great way to wade into the water and get involved in LIV?
Well, here’s just the opportunity for you. We are still looking for a person or two
to join the Scholarship Committee.
Every year LIV bestows a $500 scholarship on a graduating
senior from a Cedar Rapids area high school or college who has
demonstrated a commitment to volunteering. The scholarship
committee distributes, collects and evaluates the applications
and makes their decision about a winner by the April LIV
meeting. Karla Terry is the current chair of this committee.
Please contact her at [email protected] . if you are interested in this
January 10
8:00 AM
Hy-Vee-Wilson Ave.
February 14
12:00 PM
Aging Services
March 13
8:00 AM
Hy-Vee-Wilson Ave.
April 10
12:00 PM
United Way
May 8
8:00 AM
Hy-Vee-Wilson Ave.
June 12
Document Sharing
UsingSocialMedia and
Scholarship Luncheon
LIV is on Facebook!
Thanks to Elisabeth Kissling, our resident social media
expert, LIV can now be found on Facebook. Please be
sure to take an opportunity to friend us when you have a
Website Updates
Elisabeth Kissling has graciously offered to keep our website updated. If you have
submissions or photos to add to the website please be sure to let Elizabeth know. We’d
love to update any news from your organizations and have photos you’re your agencies to
have on our home page. Please be sure to link to the LIV website at
leadersinvolunteerism.com and let us know what you think.
If you have ideas of what you’d like to see on the website please send them to any LIV
officer and we’ll get them to Elisabeth to post.
Other Resources –
Corridor Volunteers - www.corridorvolunteers.org
Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service - www.volunteeriowa.org
Energize Inc. - www.energizeinc.com
Points of Light - www.pointsoflight.org
Volunteer Power - www.volunteerpower.com
Simple Truths - www.simpletruths.com
Iowa Nonprofit and Resource Center - http://[email protected]
Charity Channel – www.charitychannel.com
Volunteering in America – www.volunteeringinamerica.gov
LIV General Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2011
Hy-Vee Wilson Ave Community Room
In Attendance: Cheryl Collins, Elisabeth Kissling, Sue Driscoll, Barbara Berns, Lynette Oliver, Sarah
Gerlach, Marj English, Jody Bridgwater, Caite Moore, Jessica Link, Ashley Taylor, Heidi Soethout,
Karla Terry
Introductions were conducted for all members present
Minutes were read and approved for last meeting
a. First-Marj English Second-Elisabeth Kissling
Treasurer’s Report
a. No treasurer’s report was submitted due to absence of Treasurer.
b. Announcements
a. Membership deadline will be November 15 th for submitting your dues.
b. Please contact Kathy Waychoff, Treasurer, if you have questions about the dues.
c. There was a call for presenters for our February and June meetings
d. Website
i. Please submit pictures and job openings to Elisabeth Kissling to post on our
ii. We now have a Facebook site thanks to Elisabeth Kissling generous efforts.
We have 7 fans so far!
e. Newsletter
i. Please submit any items you’d like to see on the newsletter to Barbara Berns.
Holiday Luncheon
i. Will be held at the Marriott on Collins Road on December 13 th from 12-1:30.
ii. We will be having a service project in conjunction with the Luncheon.
g. Service Project
i. Discussion was held of who we would like to support and the final choice was
3 LIV agencies: Catherine McCauley, Foundation 2, and the Dept. of
h. VAN
i. VAN is our sister organization in Johnson County
ii. Sue Driscoll has met with them several times and they would like to go
together with us on a speaker in place of the annual conference they sponsor
every spring. They would like to do something in March.
iii. We would be open to this but we would have to work out the details of how to
pay for this and how we would handle agency vs. individual cost.
iv. Some members expressed that if this works out they would like to see us do
this collaboration on a yearly basis.
v. Sue will continue to have a dialog with them about the possibilities that could
happen here.
a. Each member shared documents related to how waivers and background checks are
handled at their organization. There was lively discussion about how this works out
and the pros and cons and legal responsibility implied.
b. We decided that at the next Networking Meeting in January we would share
documents pertaining to interviews/job descriptions/ evaluations.
Next Meeting-Holiday Luncheon at Marriott on December 13 th from 12-1:30
Respectfully Submitted by Barbara Berns, LIV Secretary