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Module 3 test review - Ecology

To do well on the test you should know the following:
1. How much of the world’s water is contained in different types of bodies of water such as
oceans, lakes, and rivers.
2. What ecological succession is.
3. What a climax community is
4. What a pioneer species is
5. Brief characteristics of the major terrestrial and aquatic biomes. You need to be able to
identify the biome based on a brief description. The majority of the questions on the test
will be covering this.
6. Which biome occurs in the United States and once contained huge herds of grazing
7. How terrestrial and aquatic biomes are classified
8. The definition of a biome. The definition of an ecosystem.
9. The difference between primary and secondary succession
10. The difference between weather and climate
11. What an ecologist would use latitude to describe.
Check out this helpful study guide from your book . . .