Biomes of the World

Biomes of the World!!!
Have you ever thought of traveling to other parts of the world? Have you ever wondered
what it would be like to stand on an ice flow in the Arctic? Well now is your chance.
We are going to transport each other to the 7 different biomes of the world. We’ll travel
to the Rain Forest, the Desert, the Grasslands and the Temperate Forests all from the
comfort of our classroom.
Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to create a travel slideshow for one of these
exciting places. Your goal is to excite, entertain and educate your fellow classmates
about the wonders of these amazing places
You will be using a program called Animoto which is a movie making program that is
web based which allows for easy access from home and school. You will showcase your
biome to the class once your slideshow is complete.
Things to Include
1. Title page
2. Stunning pictures of your Biome
3. Information slides covering
a. Description of the area
b. Where in the world it exists (Use a world map to show this)
c. Climate (All Abiotic Factors)
d. What’s there? (At least 5 key plants, and 5 key animals)
e. One slide with a food web that you create for your region.
f. Net productivity of the area in comparison to other biomes
g. Create a “Gersmehl’s” model for nutrient cycling
h. Human activity that threatens your biome.
4. All of this must be set to music and the slides must speak for themselves.
This is not a typical PowerPoint presentation. You will not need to speak during
your slideshow but you will need to be able to answer questions once it is