Module Title: Group / Programme Integration Process
Module Leader: Anne Marie Dixon
Level: 9; Pre-requisite(s): None
Module Code: ASP2
Credits: 10
Module Aims
 To develop integration as the essential coordinating dynamic of the programme
 To explain the function of triad work in the programme
 To elucidate the methodology of integrative journaling
 To cultivate a group integration process
Learning Outcomes
Associated Programme Outcomes
On successful completion of the module it is expected that the student will be able to:
ASP2-MO1: Distinguish between
outer and inner events
ASP2-MO2: Be attentive to inner
ASP2-MO3: Accurately describe
inner world processes
ASP2-MO4: Critically evaluate inner
world processes in a social context
ASP2-MO5: Integrate inner world
learning into daily life
Indicative time allowances (hours)
Group Work
Independent learning time
MA in Christian Spirituality
Applied Pathway
Indicative Syllabus
1. Journals, logs, diaries, portfolios as containers for writing
2. Recording experience
3. Descriptive writing / Descriptive reflection / Dialogic reflection / Critical reflection
4. Learning from experience
5. Meta-cognition
6. The process of writing reflectively:
7. Presentation and Deepening of Reflection
8. Writing for personal development and self-empowerment
9. Therapeutic writing
10. Creative writing
11. Writing as give 'voice'
12. Second order reflection and composite journals
Assessment Task
Six learning triad sessions and
Five learning journals and a sixth
composite journal (6,000 – 8,000
Linked to Module Outcome(s) : ASP2-MO3 / ASP2-MO4 / ASP2-MO5
Indicative Reading List
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Date of last revision: (October 2009) November 2012
Programme or list of programmes on which this module will be delivered
Master of Arts in Christian Spirituality – Applied Pathway
Programme reference number