+DIT Postdoc Project

+DIT Postdoc Project
Supervisor name & contact details:
Supervisors Profile:
Research Centre (if applicable):
DIT Nanolab Research Centre
Dr Gordon Chambers
[email protected]
Research Centre website (if applicable): http://www.dit.ie/nanolab/
Fellowship Details
Stipend €21,000 -€35,000 tax free p.a.
Funder: DIT-RAP
Duration: max. 3 years (2 years plus 1 year extension
based on assessment of outcomes)
Subject Area
Nanotechnology and ecotoxicology
Title of the Project
The Establishment of an Ecotoxicology Model for 'Nano'
Chemical Contamination of Aquatic Environments, Soil
and Edible Plants".
Project Summary:
This project aims to builds on natural synergies between the DIT-Nanolab, RESC, FOCAS and
EHSI in developing expertise and facilities for the environmental risk assessment of chemical
contaminants. The work will establish an ecotoxicology model for ‘Nano-Chemical’ Contaminants
(NCC) in aquatic environments, extending to soil and plants. It will involve studies on a multi-trophic
battery of environmental test species as well as exploring the phytotoxicity, cytotoxicity and
genotoxicity effects of the contaminants to the local environment. The outcome will be an integrated
lifecycle and toxicological assessment platform for chemical contaminants transiting from watersoil-plants-humans. The successful candidate will have responsibilities in coordinating the workpackages as well as postgraduate recruitment and supervision.
Please indicate the applicant requirements for this project
Candidate Requirements
PhD qualification in ecotoxicology, toxicology, nano-toxicology, environmental science or related
Minimum of one year relevant experience.
Postgraduate supervision/examination experience
Experience/qualification in risk assessment.
Postdoctoral research experience in an interdisciplinary field.
Publication record commensurate with experience.
Excellent data management and documentation skills.
Can demonstrate the ability to be an effective team player.
Can demonstrate planning and organisational skills.
Ability to work independently and self-manage.
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
Willingness to learn new skills.
Deadline to submit applications
1st July 2015