13th Documentary

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Directions: Watch documentary and answer the questions.
1. What percentage of the world’s population derives from the US?
2. What percentage of the world’s prisoners derive from the US?
3. Van Jones (bald guy) makes an incredible statistic about the US prison system. What is it?
4. “We are the products of _________________________________________ if we’re white. If
we’re black, we are the products of __________________________________.”
5. What is the 13th amendment?
6. What is the exception to the 13th amendment?
7. How did the end of slavery impact the south?
8. How many people were slaves when emancipation occurred and how was this viewed as a
9. “After the Civil War, African Americans were arrested ______ ____________.”
10. For what minor crimes were African Americans arrested during this time period?
11. What were prisoners used for during this time?
12. What was the first blockbuster film in the US?
13. What was it about?
14. What was the movie responsible for rebirthing?
15. When it became unacceptable to commit outright acts of hate like lynchings, what replaced it?
16. Justice delayed is justice ________________________.
17. Why did blacks voluntarily get arrested?
18. What was the Civil Rights Act designed to do?
19. Unfortunately, what happened to the crime rate during this time and how did this affect the civil
rights movement?
20. What happened in the 1970’s to the prison system?
21. What did Nixon declare a war upon and what did that really mean?
22. Another war was declared on drugs. What tactic did Nixon use to persuade poor whites to align
with the Republican party?
23. What president furthered the war on drugs?
24. What happened to the economy during this time?
25. What new drug emerged in the mid 1980’s?
26. Who were the majority of the people sent to prisons extensive periods of time for abuse of this
27. The so-called war on drugs was a war on ___________________________________________.
28. What was the Southern Strategy?
29. What television programs glorified the war on drugs?
30. What did “super predator” mean?
31. What happened in the Central Park jogger case?
32. Virtually no one who is white understands _____________________________________.
33. Why did Bush overtake Dukakis’ lead?
34. What history was ignored in terms of rape?
35. According to statistics, what has happened to the prison system since the 1970’s?
36. Everybody was competing to be tough on _____________________.
37. What was the result of the Polly Klaas case?
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