Date 28 Nov 2015
AAP response on false allegations about Janlokpal by Proxy BJP elements.
Having rejected by the people of Delhi and having had consecutive failures in
derailing the pro-people governance of the popular Aam Aadmi Party government in
the State, now the BJP has resorted to proxy attack on the government with the help of
disgruntled former AAP members acting as ‘non-state players’.
We welcome the press conference by Shri Prashant Bhushan and his family. For us, it
is heartening to know that finally the Bhushans have come out openly to speak on
behalf of the BJP and the central government. These same people were in support of
the same Janlokpal Bill during the previous AAP government of 49 days. He stood for
it and argued for it, but suddenly the same Bill without any change seems not good for
them. Reasons are obvious.
“The credentials of the Bhushans as BJP sympathizers were established even before
the assembly polls when they openly worked to defeat Arvind Kejriwal and party.
Today, they have come out in open and spoke what BJP could not. The strange
interest of the Bhushans arguing in favor of keeping central government employees
out of the Delhi’s Janlokpal is on the expected lines to protect corrupt BJP leaders in
centre,” Aam Aadmi Party leader Raghav Chaddha said in a press conference here
The press conference today by the Bhushans was part of their ‘Loyalty Test’ by the
BJP. Similarly, many former Janlokpal time leaders like Gen V K Singh, Kiran Bedi,
Shazia Ilmi etc had to prove their loyalty to BJP before getting in the saffron
bandwagon. It seems Bhushans are slated to grab some lucrative position with the
Narendra Modi government, he added.
It may be noted that Prashant Bhushan had argued for the Arvind Kejriwal
government in the previous term in support of the territorial jurisdiction of Delhi
government on central government employees. What makes the Bhushans change
their stand is an open secret now.
“Each and every word of the Bill will be discussed threadbare in the winter session of
the Delhi assembly. After its clearance from the Assembly, it will go to the Central
government. The Bill is in its formation stage. To comment with such contempt about
the Bill at this stage is not just premature but also an insult to the people of Delhi,”
Delhi state incharge and MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj said.
Aam Aadmi Party is committed to the people of Delhi to give the State of Delhi a
strong, accountable and transparent Janlokpal to fight the menace of corruption at all
levels. The Party appeals to the government of Delhi to not to be deterred by the
motivated campaigns against the good work it is doing.
AAP Media Cell