Ciência sem Fronteiras (Science Without Borders)

Ciência sem Fronteiras (Science Without Borders)
DCU PhD Project Template:
**Please use one form per project**
Please complete & submit to your Head of School by Monday 16th July
PI name & contact details:
Dr. Alistair Sutherland
[email protected]
tel 01 7005511
School of Computing
Research Centre / group affiliation:
Research group / centre website:
PI website / link to CV:
Brief summary of PI research / research group / centre activity (2 or 3 lines max):
We use computer vision techniques to recognise 3D objects in stereo images. In particular we are
looking at human motion tacking using multiple cameras. And we are looking at retrieving 3D
objects from databases.
Title & brief description of PhD project (suitable for publication on web):
Recognising complex objects using multi-scale entropy.
Recognising complex deformable objects (such as the human body) in images is difficult. We want
to explore techniques which model the objects at different scales and where the complexity of the
objects is measured using entropy. These techniques are based on Shannon’s Information Theory.
They should result in efficient and accurate solutions, which could be used in many areas of
computer vision and beyond.
Unique selling points of PhD project in DCU:
DCU projects should offer something that’s not available in Brazil – specific equipment, multi-disciplinarity,
aspects of structured programme, links with industry, placements, links with other research groups etc.
We are collaborating with a successful Irish company, which produces world-class video processing hardware.
This provides an opportunity to learn about real-time video processing from experts in the field.
Name & contact details for project queries, if different from PI named above:
Please indicate the graduates of which disciplines that should apply:
Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Physics
Ciência sem Fronteiras / Science Without Borders Priority Area:
Please indicate the specific programme priority area under which the proposed PhD project fits- choose only
one (tick box):
Engineering and other technological areas
Pure and Natural Sciences (e.g. mathematics, physics, chemistry)
Health and Biomedical Sciences
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
Oil, Gas and Coal
Renewable Energy
Nanotechnology and New Materials
Technology of prevention and remediation of natural disasters
Biodiversity and Bioprospection
Marine Sciences
Creative Industry
New technologies in constructive engineering
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