Kirstin Dougan, Michael Norman, Camille Chesley March 16, 2009

Library Assessment Working Group Meeting Minutes
March 16, 2009
In attendance: Kathleen Kern, Susan Braxton, LIsa Janicke Hincheliffe, Joann Jacoby, Annie Paprocki,
Kirstin Dougan, Michael Norman, Camille Chesley
Absent: Tina Crzastowski
Orders of Business for 3/16/09:
1. The committee discussed the progress of the LibQUAL+ report and set April 15 as the goal for
the completed version.
2. Discussed the website and decided that Kirsten will work with Camille to add new content.
3. Discussed Scott’s request for input on the role of embedded and liaison librarians and the
committee came up with a list of items to discuss further:
a. What do they do/Is it measurable?
b. Should the standards and benchmarks be more specific?
c. Can we use the ACRL’s set of competencies for embedded librarians?
Action Items:
1. Everyone will upload their sections of the LibQUAL+ report to the G Drive. Tina and Annie will
make adjustments for continuity and add the introduction by April 15.
2. Kirstin will meet with Camille and work on the website (adding new content, ensuring that
everything made it over in the transition to the CMS)
3. Camille will set up wiki space for the committee to continue the discussion on embedded/liaison
librarian with the goal to have a viewable document by the end of the semester.
4. Annie will email the committee an ACRL poster/case study regarding liaison librarians.
5. Kathleen will send out an email on behalf of the committee re: Scott’s request (“LAWG is
concerned about the lack of measurable criteria for embedded and liaison librarians”