Crossing the threshold (literally)


Crossing the threshold (literally):

An academic library exchange program between Canada and Australia

Jennifer Thomas - Liaison Librarian

Ryerson University


Queensland University of Technology

The major difference!

Burleigh Beach

Gold Coast, Queensland

Christmas Day, 2014

Scenic Caves

Blue Mountains, Ontario

February, 2015

Comparing Ryerson and QUT


Students 38,950 (total enrolments)

Staff 2,480 (FTE)

Library Staff 95 (FTE)

No. of campus libraries 1

Library budget as % of uni budget


Print books 462,694

Ebooks 574,314

Online databases almost 400

LMS Millennium / Summon

Faculties Faculty of Arts

Ted Rogers School of Management

Faculty of Communication & Design

Faculty of Community Services

Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science

Faculty of Science

Yeates School Graduate Studies

Continuing Education

*Based on most recent figures available

Matching colours represent matching courses or faculties

45,575 (total enrolments)

4, 534 (FTE)

153 (FTE)






Millennium / Summon

QUT Business School

QUT Graduate School of Business

Creative Industries Faculty (CI)

Faculty of Health

Faculty of Education

Science and Engineering (SEF)

Faculty of Law

Continuing Professional Education

Student Learning Centre

Ryerson, 2015

Award-winning building projects

Science and Technology Precinct

QUT, 2014

Technological background and focus




As at 7 April 2015

… the same taste in istock photos …


“Be Different in This Forked Up World” by jeffsmallwood on Flickr

Liaison Librarian model

• Liaison with faculty is largely individual

• Liaison Librarians have specialisations based on the Library’s organisational areas:

Borrowing and Lending Services

Collections Services

Library Information Technology


Library Learning Services

• A selection of Liaison Librarians take on research support activities

• Library instruction transitioning to reflect the ACRL Threshold Concepts

• Liaison Librarians work in Faculty teams

• Liaison Librarians have one of the following specialisations:

- Research Support

- Teaching and Learning Support

- Information Resource Management

• All Liaison Librarians take on research support activities

• Library instruction based on an

“Integrated Literacies” model, i.e. combination of information literacy and academic skills support.


… transforming the library’s image from that of a place where works are consumed to that of a place where works are created.

Slatter and Howard, 2013.

Slatter, Diane & Zaana Howard. (2013). A place to make, hack, and learn: makerspaces in Australian public libraries.

The Australian Library Journal, 62(4), 272-284, DOI: 10.1080/00049670.2013.853335

The Oculus Rift! Fruit juice machine

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