Vejledermøde 18

Det ser ud til at vi godt kan få midler til terninger
o Kan dog ikke printe
Heather har ikke læst
o Send 48 timer i forvejen
We’ve made progress.
Move teminology to theory
Problem Analysis
Good problemanalysis
o Remove the sections
o Missing lead-in from the analysis to the prob statement
 Why twist-wise?
Do we want to out prove Rokicki’s number?
Make reflections on the algorithms for the upper bound
Reformulate the problem statement
o Can be misunderstood
Elaborate on the reason for the beginners algorithm
Subquestion on the last question might be redundant.
Group theory
Don’t try, do it!
Solving strats
Elaborate on the connection on Kociemba and Rokicki algos
Remember reasons for the chapters
Sources in beginners!!
o Good job
Move terminology before beg algo
Better description on what Kociemba algo is. Twist-wise vs. time-wise.
Need terminology on Kociembas algo
Elaborate on difs between l and d in the koci algo
Elaborate on inside vs outside H
Second Phase:
o Elab on the start
What to do:
Why twist?
Why beginners?
Better prob state
More questions for Kociemba
Finish the theory and apply
Status seminar:
9th of april
Need date for send material to the other group
7 days before(2nd)
Remember one question from each of us.
o Not easily answered
Everyone has to say something.
Next meeting
31st marts 12:30
Anders will mail the template and practical stuff.