Andrew Yang
Professor Prout
14 October 2015
Activity #1: Imagine that you are doing a project on “technology in the classroom.” You are
specifically interested in researching the impact that this technology has on the student learning
experience. Locate the link to the databases on your library’s home page; then answer the
following two questions.
1) Looking at a list of the library’s research databases, identify a subject area that might be
appropriate for this research task. Then identify a database listed under that subject area that you
would use to research this topic.
Topic: Psychology
Database: Ovid: PsycINFO
2) Now imagine that you want to find a newspaper article in order to get a sense of the most recent
news on this topic (perhaps a local story or interview). Searching your library’s databases by
format, name a database that would be helpful for this research task.
Activity #2: Pick a research database from your library and explore a topic that you are
researching or working on in class. What publications does this database search? What types of
materials are available (newspapers, academic journals, etc)? List the name of the database you
chose, the titles of two publications that are included in this database, and two source types that it
provides access to.
Topic: Veteran’s Employment
Publications: Full text, references, scholarly journals
Materials: Academic Journals, magazines, newspapers, trade publications, and book reviews
Database: EBSCOhost
1) Source type: ARTICLE
Better Than When They Came
By: Lieutenant Edward Wright
2) Source type: JOURNAL
The Role of Social Networks for Veterans with Spinal Cord Injury in Obtaining Employment
By: Bridget A. Cotner, Jennie Keleher, Danielle R. O’Connor, John K. Trainor, and Lisa Ottomanelli