10.2 Formal Report Assignment

Formal Report Assignment
Prepare a formal report on a topic of your choice, based on the suggested topics in Handout
10.3. This assignment represents the culmination of a semester's work; you can complete it
successfully only if you start early. Check with your instructor periodically as you work on
this assignment.
Your research must include at least three of the following sources:
Your own knowledge of the subject
Direct observation of a process, system, or business
Trade journal articles
Internet sources
Books or publications from the college, university, or public library
Publications from local government agencies
Government documents
Other documents (e.g., maps, the Yellow Pages, or special dictionaries)
Interviews with appropriate individuals on- or off-campus
Corporate literature (e.g., annual reports, manuals, or brochures)
Professional publications (e.g., Forbes magazine or Science magazine)
Format of the Report
A formal report is "formal" because it has elements that follow specific formats. Your report
should contain the following elements:
Cover letter
Title page (which you must design)
Executive summary (not to exceed one single-spaced page)
Body (double-spaced: 9 to 20 pages, depending on the number of figures)
Figures (at least two illustrations, graphs, or tables)
References (if three or more printed sources are used)
Appendixes (if needed)
For each element, use The Business Writer's Handbook as the primary source for format and
Evaluation of the Report
Your report will be graded in three areas (thus it is equivalent to three assignments):
Research/content: information gathered and logic applied
Format/parts: professional look and adherence to instructions
Writing: clarity, coherence, and correctness
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