Name: Rohan Limaye Al`s Formal Wear Scholarship Application

Name: Rohan Limaye
Al’s Formal Wear Scholarship Application Essay
Engineering: A Lifestyle
Math and science has always been my niche in school. I have always enjoyed these two
subjects most, and have been inclined to enter the engineering field from my childhood. I have
grown up in Houston which is the capital of the oil and gas as well as engineering industry. In
addition to that I come from a family of engineers. Since my childhood, I have always shared my
family’s fascination with math and science, and have pursued the dream of becoming an
engineer when I grow up.
On April 20, 2010, when I was a sophomore, I followed the tragic industrial accident of
the Deepwater Horizon platform explosion. The casualties, financial loss, and damage to
environment were tremendous. I listened to the news every day about the efforts to control the
damage, and about different engineering techniques that were deployed by various companies.
This event and the continuation of the story including the litigations increased my awareness and
interest in the field of oil and gas industry, as well as the importance of safe engineering
I really narrowed my interests into petroleum engineering after the Deepwater Horizon
explosion. After that event, I became very intrigued as to why such a catastrophe occurred, and
how it could have been prevented.
Recent findings have supported my desire to enter into the petroleum engineering field.
As of November 2012, the International Energy Agency predicts that the United States will soon
exceed the world's current top oil producers in supplying oil. It is estimated that by 2020, the
United States will surpass countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia in oil production. According to
the Wall Street Journal article, "U.S. Redraws World Oil Map" published on November 13,
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Name: Rohan Limaye
2012, current United States oil production is at 8 million barrels per day. By 2020, it is expected
to cross 11.1 million barrels per day. Increase in oil production will have cascading effects in
overall manufacturing sectors, and in the engineering industry. I consider myself fortunate to
enter in the engineering field at such an opportune time.
After completing a bachelor's degree, I plan to work in the field of energy conservation
and natural resources and also obtain a master's degree in petroleum engineering. In today's age
of highly competitive markets, innovative technological solutions that are geared for efficiency
as well as safety will make products more attractive to potential consumers. For my graduate
studies, I want to focus my research in technology that will improve safe operation of industrial
facilities which will reduce accidents and injuries in the workplace and ensure conservation of
the environment.
Receiving the Al’s Formal Wear scholarship is necessary for me to meet my financial
objectives for higher education. By minimizing the amount of money I borrow, and by
optimizing my part-time work hours, I can maximize the quality of my campus experience. It
will greatly help me in finishing my college degree within four years, so that I can pursue my
career dreams as an engineer, and give back to society. Engineering for me is not just a career
path. I consider engineering as a lifestyle. The people and events that surround me have
influenced me and made me passionate about going into an engineering field.
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