What DOES a School Counselor do at Bowman?

What does a School Counselor do at the Primary Level? (What does Barb do???)
Class Visits
Divorce Groups = Tribe
Self Perception = Dream Catchers
Understanding Feelings = Powwow Power
Career Awareness
1st Grade Community Readers
2nd Grade Art Models
Vehicle Day (alternate years with visiting author)
Special Visitors
1st Grade = Brian Burger (wheelchair challenges)
2nd Grade = Wanda Owens (challenges of blind community)
Ronald McDonald = 1st grade
Bullying/Conflict Resolution
Kindergarten Visits
4 visits each year (November, January, March, May)
Purpose: to highlight important topics and to help with transition to 1st Grade)
Chairperson of the CARE Team which manages:
AMIGOS Mentoring
Community Outreach
Christmas Caring (toys, coats/clothes, food; Secret Santa?)
Teen Tutors from LHS
Neediest Kids of All
Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) donation
Summer Support Program Scholarships
IATs and 504s
If you have questions about the counseling program at Bowman Primary School, please call Barb
Wright, 934.5808, or email her at [email protected]