Committee Policy. - Resident Committees

Friendsview Residents’ Association
Genealogy Committee Policies
1. Operation: The Genealogy Committee must follow the general
guidelines of Friendsview Community and the Resident’s Council and
shall have such powers as the Council determines.
2. Purpose: The Genealogy Committee seeks to provide information
and assistance to all Friendsview residents who are interested in tracing
their family roots. This is done by a variety of programs open to
residents, providing an annual subscription to, and by
sponsoring trips to places where research facilities are available.
3. Structure: The committee is made up of residents of Friendsview
who volunteer. The term of members is one year but there is no limit on
how many years may be served.
The committee members shall select a chairperson and any other
officers as needed. There are no term limits for officers.
4. Funding: Funding for this committee comes from the Residents’
Council as part of the annual budget. Each fall the chairperson will
receive a form on which to request money for the coming year.
5. Expenditures: The chairperson is responsible to see that the General
Committee Policies on expenditures are followed. This includes but is
not limited to approving all expenditures and verifying that there is
sufficient money left in the budget.
6. Meetings: Meeting will be held at the call of the chairperson. A
quorum consists of a majority of the members.
7. Annual Report: By January 31, a report of the year’s activities will
be submitted to the Residents’ Council chair and will be posted on the
Residents’ Website.
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