Layers of the Earth Online Activity

Layers of the Earth Online Activity
An Online Treasure Hunt for Grade Six Pupils
(Science and Health)
Vanjoreeh A. Madale
Eunice Paquingan
Ever wonder how we know what the inside of the Earth is like? You
were told in school that the inner core is solid iron and nickel, the
outer core was liquid iron and nickel, the mantle was partially melted
rock, and the crust was solid rock. Did you just accept this and move
on? Or did you wonder, "How do they know that? If they can't drill
that far, aren't they just guessing?" No, scientists are not guessing.
Today, you are going to perform an online activity about the layers of
the earth. Choose a partner in doing this activity.
Make sure that both of you will work as one. God bless and have fun!
Dig into the Lithosphere. Go to the web site The Earth’s Layer.
Use the links provided to find the answers to the questions.
1.From the center of the Earth outward, what are the three layers of Earth?
Write them in order from the center to the outside of the planet.
2. Use this diagram to answer these questions:
Name the thickest layer...
Name the thinnest layer.
Calculated to challenge: Perhaps you have imagined digging a
tunnel through the earth that comes out the other side.
Figure it out ... How many miles would you have to dig?
3. Write 4 facts about the Earth's Crust.
4. Write three facts about the Mantle.
5. What are the Convection Currents?
6. Name two metals found in the Outer Core.
The border between the Outer core and the Inner Core is how many
miles beneath the crust?
7. The Inner core is under so much pressure it does not move like a
liquid, it.
Write the temperature of the center of the Earth.
8. A scientist who studies rocks is called a ____________
What does a Geomorphologist study?
The Big Question
1. Do A Piece of the Crust
Select one of the elements in the list.
Describe one way it impacts people's lives.
2. Describe the evidence scientists have that the Earth's tetonic
plates are moving.
3. How do scientists use maps to study the earth? USGS Global Crustal
Prepared by:
Eunice Paquingan
Vanjooreh Madale