4.Q3.16 – Fractions Word Problems During a visit to an orchard

4.Q3.16 – Fractions Word Problems
1. During a visit to an orchard, Debbie picked 1/5 of a bag of Golden Delicious apples, 1/5 of a bag
of Macintosh apples, and 3/5 of a bag of Cortland apples. How many bags of fruit did Debbie
pick in total?
2. Marcia painted a portrait for her mom. She has 15 gallons of blue paint and 24 gallons of green
paint. She used 1/3 of each paint color. How many total gallons of paint did she use altogether?
3. Lara ran 6/8 of a mile and walked 3/8 of a mile. How much farther did Lara run than walk?
4. During a canned food drive, items were sorted into bins. The drive resulted in 3/4 of a bin of
soup, 3/4 of a bin of vegetables, and 3/4 of a bin of pasta. Altogether, how many bins would the
canned food take up?
5. Elise has 25 apples. 1/5 of them are rotten. How many apples does she have that are not rotten?
6. At the beach, Gavin and his sister both built sandcastles and then measured their heights.
Gavin's sandcastle was 3 7/8 feet tall and his sister's was 3 3/8 feet tall. How much taller was
Gavin's sandcastle than his sister's?
7. Micah runs 2/5 of a mile each day. How many total miles will he have run after a week?
8. Alicia borrowed 3 3/5 yards of string to make necklaces. She used 2 1/5 of it. How many
yards did she have left?