Next Steps

MMSTI Steering Committee Next Steps
Charges and Follow Up Plan of Action from the November 30, 2010 Meeting
1. Develop a
brochure/booklet for
2. Middle School and
High School
Mathematics and
Science Teacher Panel
Create a brochure/booklet that can be
used as a reference and that will provide
talking points when engaging in
conversations with policy makers and
other constituents;
Gain a better understanding of the needs
and interests of in-service teachers;
Incorporate the voice of those we are
serving through MMSTI into future
planning and decision making.
Possible Outcomes
Responsible Parties
 Include background of the initiative (National
imperative and Montana’s Response);
 Galvanization of statewide leadership and
 Identification of specific strategies/current
initiative that are in place which have
implications for statewide impact, policy
change, and scalability;
 Identification of specific measures we will
use/are using to track the outcomes of our
efforts and how those outcomes are assessed.
 Select teachers to participate in panel
discussion by conferring with the Montana
Association of Presidential Awards (MAPA)
and Montana Mathematics and Science
Associations (teachers should range from new
teachers to veteran teachers);
 Solicit input from MMSTI committee
members and have them generate and decide
on five to ten questions for panelist to discuss
(questions should range from pre-service
preparation to in-service professional
Would provide a tangible
product reflective of MMSTI
activities (to date) and the
direction MMSTI is going.
L. Baker,
C. Comer,
B. Evans,
P. Lutz,
T. Parrish
L. Peterson
S. York
1st Task force conference call:
Would enhance initiative’s
capacity to achieve
sustainable change by
building a shared approach
that addresses enhancing the
quality of mathematics and
science education for
L. Baker
K. Crawford
B. Evans
D. Erickson
M. Ferro
J. Graves
J. Howard
T. Parrish
11/31/10 – M. Ferro initiated
contact with the President of
MAPA to begin selection of
MMSTI Inter-Campus SubCommittee’s conference call:
02/21/11 – Send survey to
committee members to begin
generating panel discussion
03/14/11 – Finalize selection of
participating teachers;
04/13/11 – Finalize panel
discussion questions
3. Facilitate round table
discussions regarding
opportunities to
enhance math and
science education in
Engage in discussion to develop strategies
for enhancing math and science education
and student achievement;
Allow opportunities for MMSTI steering
committee members to gain a better
understanding or multiple initiatives,
research, and program development
projects that impact math and science
Develop a survey to solicit input from
committee members regarding various topics
of discussion they would like to engage in;
Work with MMSTI inter-campus
subcommittees’ to create a framework for the
round table discussion that includes discussion
of critical components in education
transformation strategies.
Would allow experts from
multiple organizations to
collaborate and unite their
efforts that address
transformation in educational
practices and policy for math
and science education.
Please note: Anticipated next MMSTI meeting will be held on Tuesday, 24 May 2011 ~ Thank you.