Make Your Own Video Portfolio or Video Resume

Make Your Own Video
Portfolio or Video Resume
It’s Easier Than You Think
Montana Toolkit for Self-Determination
Sponsored by The Montana Council on
Developmental Disabilities
Start With Pictures of Yourself
• With family and friends
• Showing you doing the things you love to
Or With Movies or Videos
• You can use a short video to introduce
Or a Video to Show You Performing
a Task
• People can look at you doing something
you could do for work
Add Some Interesting Facts About
What you want to do for work
Any past work experience
Any hobbies you have
Anything you are interested in or like to do
What you and your family like to do
Joe West
Learns things quickly when shown
Understands the value of work and money
Likes to work outside
Can plant and care for flowers and trees
Able to schedule and carry out some
tasks, interdependently
Joe West
• Past Experiences:
• 2005-2007 Plant and care for flowers for
local garden center
• 2005-2008 Worked part-time for parks
department during summer
Putting It All Together
• You and your family and friends can use a
computer program like Windows Movie
Maker to make your video
• First, select the pictures and videos that
you want to show and put them on the
“video” line
Add Your Voice
• Click the red button on the “voice” line
under the picture you want to talk about
• You will be recorded until you click the
button again
• Make sure that what you recorded is right
under the picture
Now to Finish Your Video
• When you have everything the way that
you want to see it:
• Click on “make movie” and just follow any