Test Review ATOMS!

Test Review 12-18-13 STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!
1. The atomic number of an element tells you the number of ___________.
2. Which atomic particle has a negative charge?
3. What combinations of particles are found inside the atomic nucleus
4. What is a major part of an atom?
5. True or false. You cannot know the exact location of an electron.
6. When atoms bond with each other, the exchange..
7. True or false. All electrons orbit the nucleus in regions shaped like
8. True or false. An electron has a mass that is much less than a proton.
9. True or false. The innermost atomic shell can hold a maximum of 18
10. There is no particle of matter smaller than an atom.
11. True or false. Atoms of an element may have more or less neutrons or
electrons than other atoms of the same element.
12. How many carbon atoms does the compound CO2 have?
13. How many oxygen atoms does the compound H2O have?
14. How many hydrogen atoms does the compound H2O have?
15. Rusting of iron is an example of a __________ property.
16. Color is a ____________ property.
17. Groups (families) are what on the periodic table? Vertical or Horizontal?
18. True or false. Noble gasses are on the far right side of the periodic table
(in Group 18).
19. True or false. Noble gasses are non-reactive.
20. True or false. Neutrons have a positive charge.