Unit Test Review: Intimacy and Sexuality

Unit Test Review: Intimacy and Sexuality
1. Know and understand the following Key Terms.
 Sexually Transmitted Disease (STI)
 Sex
 Gender
 Abstinence
 Sexuality
 Healthy Relationship
 Unhealthy Relationship
 The SHARE Qualities
 Intimacy
 Sexual Intimacy
 Self-Esteem
 Sex hormones
 Contraceptive Methods
 Male and female reproductive organs
2. What is the best way to ensure that you don’t contract an STI or get pregnant? What is
another way?
3. Telling each other the truth and sharing opinions without worry are characteristics of which
SHARE Quality?
4. What are some ways that someone can contract an STI? Name at least four different ways.
5. Compare a healthy and unhealthy relationship. Provide 2 examples of a healthy relationship,
and 2 examples of an unhealthy relationship.
6. Why is abstinence so important?
7. What is sexuality and all of its dimensions?
8. Name at least 5 factors that influence sexual decision making.
9. List at least 3 positive and 3 negative consequences to sexual decision making.
10. Name 3 changes to the female body and 3 changes to the male body during puberty.
11. What are the male and female growth hormones?
12. How can Self-Esteem affect your sexual decision making?
13. What happens if STIs are left untreated?
14. What is the difference between sex and gender?