PPL 20 – Health Unit #2
What Do I Know About Human
• The female reproductive system is responsible only for carrying and
delivering babies.
• The vagina connects with the uterus at the cervix.
• Monillia is caused by the yeast fungus Candida albicans.
• All ovarian cysts are cancerous.
• The male reproductive system is responsible only for producing,
nourishing, and transporting sperm.
• Semen is produced from the three accessory glands.
• A hernia is a painful condition that requires minor surgery.
• Testicular cancer is the most common problem associated with the
male reproductive system.
• All women should perform a monthly breast self-exam (BSE) seven
to ten days after the start of their periods.
• A testicular self-examination (TSE) can be performed by your
physician only.
A few reminder bits about your bits!
• The Male Reproductive System
• The Female Reproductive System
Sexuality and Intimacy: Key Terms
Exercise 4.1 – page 68
1. In ____________________, partners respect
themselves and one another; and consider and
show concern for each other’s feelings.
2. _________________________ encompasses
our physical development, sexual knowledge,
attitudes, values, and behaviours. In other
words, it includes everything that defines us as
girls and boys, women and men.
3. Someone who is ___________________ feels
sexual attraction towards people of the same
Sexuality and Intimacy: Key Terms
Exercise 4.1 – page 68
4. ___________________ is a way of expressing
intimate feelings for another person.
5. The term ___________________ applies to
social factors; it is the condition of being
female or male as defined by society.
6. Enforced by family, peers, and school,
____________________ is a process that
continues throughout an individual’s lifetime.
7. ____________________ is a feeling of pride
in yourself and a sense of self-worth.
Sexuality and Intimacy: Key Terms
Exercise 4.1 – page 68
8. People who identify as _________________
may choose to dress and present themselves
as members of the opposite sex without
undergoing Sexual Reassignment Surgery.
9. ___________________ are designed to
impede the union of the sperm and egg and
prevent pregnancy.
10.Someone who is __________________ feels
an exclusive sexual attraction toward people
of the opposite sex.
A message from Glee...
Check out this clip
What did you think?
How did the video make you feel?
Why do you think you feel this way?
Influences on Sexuality
Exercise 4.2 – page 69
Influences on Sexuality
Sex as a Sales Tool??
• The media often uses stereotypical notions of
femininity or masculinity to tell us what is
appropriate and desirable for women and
• Can you think of some examples?
• Check out this compilation...
• Complete Exercise 4.2 on page 70
Helpful link
• Check out the SexualityandU website for
tonnes of information!!
• Anonymous Question Box...