PILL - Design Novell + Perera
Elektra has developed the light bulb Micro Lynx version LED, using the same socket and
with the same luminance efficiency, but with the benefits of the LED light, instant light
up, less breakable than fluorescent version, non-limitation of ignitions, … This lamp
operates at 110V-220V, incorporating the driver in the lamp housing.
To use this lamp Puig+Perera have developed a ' light point’, a suspension
manufactured in brass that incorporates the Micro Lynx LED lampholder and lamp.
But in addition it has been incorporated a piece at the top of the case that has the
same diameter as an E27 lampholder, allowing to apply this 'point of light" to any
existing screen on the market and convert as well in an easy way any suspension in
LED light. The particularity of this LED is that they have a beam angle of 140 º,
enlightening as well also the own screen (the LED lamp on the market have a very
close beam angle so if you apply in a conventional screen, the screen will look dark)