Olympus CK inverted microscope ( 2)

CK inverted microscope
Please note the following features:
The head is inclined at 450 and is fitted with a pair of 10 x CHWK eyepieces, one of which is
independently focusable.
2. Illumination is by a 6V 12W halogen quartz lamp supplied from a built-in power supply The lamp is held
on a vertical pillar attached to the rear of the stage. The lamp condenser is built-in and there is an iris
diaphragm. Note: disconnect power before changing bulb!
3. The focusing of the microscope is by a standard rack and pinion movement which acts on the
nosepiece and is totally independent of the stage thus allowing quite heavy specimens to be placed on
without loss of focus. A rotating quadruple nosepiece is fitted with 4x, 10x and 20x objectives.
Because the objective lenses face upwards care must be taken to protect them from damage.
Magnification range is 40x to 200x. There is a large plain stage with two side extensions having an
overall width of 290mm.
6v 20 watt halogen quartz lamp in
Iris diaphragm
Pupiliary adjustment (slide apart)
Focussing control
ON/OFF Switch (on LHS)
Lamp intensity control
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