Books recommended for Communicative Language Teaching: The

Books recommended for Communicative Language Teaching:
The "Headway Teacher's Resource" books " are an excellent resource for
communcative language teaching"--"go hand in hand with the "Student Books", which
makes it easier to keep the lessons organized. (Oxford University Press.)
Jill Hadfield's Communication Games, published by Longman. "also a good resource"
Carol Kasser's Stories We Brought With Us--"has myths/fairy tales from around the
world that are told to children. First, the simple version of the story is presented,
followed by some reading comprehension exercises. Then, a more advanced version is
presented followed by more exercises. It's great for teaching EFL to middle and high
school students."
Back & Forth: Photocopiable Cooperative Pair Activities for Language Development
by Adrian S. Palmer and et al. (Alta Books, Provo, Utah 84603 USA)
Talk-a-tivities (Alta Books, Provo, Utah 84603 USA).
Books by Penny Ur, including Five-Minute Activities: A Resource Book of Short
Activities (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers).