The Two Irelands

The Two Irelands 1911-1998 examines the history of cultures, society, politics and
religion in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in the twentieth century. The
module also examines Britain’s troubled relationship with the two Irelands, and the
place of Ireland, north and south, in the European and broader international
community. This unique module also fosters comparative approaches in the history
of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The historiography in these fields
often are disconnected – the Troubles in Northern Ireland, for example, rarely if ever
are considered in the historiography of contemporary Britain. This module seeks to
foster new research and new approaches to the history of the two Irelands. Through
study of interdisciplinary scholarship and new primary sources, postgraduate
students will examine the history of politics, culture, conflict and terrorism, civil war,
the break up of the United Kingdom, devolution, religious extremism, gender and
sexuality, civil society, concepts of peace, sectarianism, emigration, religion.
This option is open to postgraduate students on MAs:
MA History of Britain
MA Historical Research
MA History of Ideas
MA/MSc Gender, Culture and Ethnicity
MA Culture, Diaspora, Ethnicity (Dept. of Psychosocial Studies)
MA Contemporary History and Politics.
MA European History
MA Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict (Dept. of Politics)
MA World History
Dr Sean Brady [email protected]
Department of History, Classics and Arcaheology.
Birkbeck, University of London