job description

Job Title: Nurse Midwife
Department: Obstetrics, Women’s Health, or Clinical Services
Immediate Supervisor Title: Manager of OB/GYN, Women’s Health, or Clinical Services
Job Supervisory Responsibilities: None
General Summary: An exempt position responsible for providing prenatal education and
support, attending childbirth, providing encouragement during labor and delivery, and
supervising the general care of women and children directly after birth. Provides care to women
during normal pregnancies and deliveries and calls on obstetricians or other physicians if
complications develop.
Essential Job Responsibilities:
1. Performs the nursing duties related to midwifery including gynecological exams,
preconception care, prenatal care, labor and delivery care, care after birth, newborn care,
disease prevention, family planning, health maintenance counseling, and menopausal
2. Educates women about different types of care available and encourages them to enhance
their pregnancy by being involved. Emphasizes patient education, active participation,
clear communication between the provider and the woman, and an individualized health
care experience. Advocates birth education, natural childbirth, and the participation of the
entire family. Relies on technology only when medically necessary. Writes prescriptions
as needed.
3. Serves as OB/GYN team member working closely with physicians and other staff to
ensure healthy pregnancies and deliveries. Provides emotional and social support, which
can reduce the length of labor, the need for pain medication, the likelihood for use of
forceps or other operative devices during delivery, or the possibility of cesarean delivery.
4. Oversees the medical care of assigned pregnant patients under the supervision of a
physician. Provides support to mother and family.
5. Teaches patients about elements of mother–baby bonding, protecting from inadequate
heat, overstimulation, noisy/brightly lit environments, cuddling/hugging, recognizing
signs of infant pain/discomfort, and breast feeding.
Education: BSN and successful completion of nurse midwifery program accredited by the
American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM).
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Experience: Minimum three years of experience as RN; one year as midwife, preferably in
medical practice setting.
Other Requirements: Current RN state license. Current CPR certificate. Certification by state
as a certified nurse midwife. Certification by ACNM, including meeting recommended ACNM
continuing competency requirements and passing the national certification examination.
Performance Requirements:
1. Knowledge of nurse midwifery principles and techniques.
2. Knowledge of methods ensuring safe working environment for patient, family, and staff
including using appropriate personal protection equipment.
3. Knowledge of theories of family dynamics, mother–child attachment, parenting, and
adult learning concepts.
1. Skill in midwifery through appropriate prenatal education and support, coaching during
pregnancy and delivery.
2. Skill in showing parents how to use distraction techniques to calm baby, deal with sibling
rivalry, practice effective parenting techniques.
3. Skill in showing other staff how to best help pregnant/postpartum women by effective
teaching of principles and methods.
1. Ability to demonstrate full range of motion, eye–hand coordination, and manual/finger
2. Ability to assess a situation, consider alternatives, and choose an appropriate course of
3. Ability to participate effectively as a team member.
Equipment Operated: Standard OB/GYN equipment for examining and caring for patient
during pregnancy and delivery.
Work Environment: Combination of office, exam, and birthing rooms. Frequent exposure to
communicable diseases, toxic substances, medicinal preparations, and other conditions common
to a medical practice environment.
Mental/Physical Requirements: Varied activities including sitting, standing, walking, bending,
reaching, and lifting. Occasionally lifts and carries items weighing up to 100 pounds. Stress
related to dealing with anxious patients and responsibility for baby and mother.
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104 Inverness Terrace East . Englewood, CO 80112 . T 303.799.1111 . F 303.784.6110 .