Simile Cameo like

Lightning flashes like a torch light
illuminating furiously in the darkness.
Its loudness deafens like a stereo on
full volume in a speeding car.
Its destruction wrecks the land like a
tsunami tearing through the land.
Lightning moves across the land slowly
like sluggish snails on the grass.
By Matiu
Ice-cream melts like ice
laying in the sun.
It's hot and sunny like cooking on the
The cool pool is cold like an ice cube
stuck to my hands.
The sun is bright and sunny like a
colourful crystal shining in the sunlight.
By Julia
Spring grows flowers like a water fountain
spraying water gently in the air.
Its grass grows like a monster that is taller
than the clouds.
Its sun wakes up like a bear awakening
after it has been hibernating.
Spring gives little gusts of wind cooling
down the houses like a fan actively
flapping to keep me cool.
By Calum
Autumn shakes its leaves off the trees like
it's doing the Hula dance.
Its colourful leaves prance and dance like
a ballerina as it floats down to the full-ofleaves pathway.
Its hands hug its fat body for more
warmth like my mum hugs me.
Autumn leaves its colours spread across
the path like a giant's patchwork quilt
blanket covering a whole village.
By Dorothy
Frost sparkles like glittery pixy dust lying
across the lush grass.
Its icicles shine like twinkling stars
shimmering in the galaxy.
Its snow covers the ground like a quilt
stretching across a bedroom floor.
Frost spreads like a rainbow expanding
over the horizon.
By Sinead
Sun shines on my ice-cream like ice
melting on a sunny day.
The sun's brightness shines in my room
like a glow stick brightening a closet in the
Sand heats my feet like a heater making
the room warm.
The sun shines on me while I run a
marathon making me sweat like a
shrivelling plant.
By Fitzgerald
Ice-cream melts like wax oozing down a
candle stick.
The hot sun warms me like dad hugging
me in the night time.
The sand heats my feet like warm fire
cooking my toast.
Sizzling sausages crackle like pork
crackling crunching in my mouth.
By Iziah
Autumn leaves fall down from a deciduous
tree like sprinkles being scatters over a
divine chocolate cake.
Its breeze whispers like an echoing voice
in a gloomy damp cave.
Its tweeting birds sing softly like a
beautiful choir's voices in a theatre.
Autumn's rain cascades down like salty
tears of a gigantic giant who's lost his
newly polished shoes.
By Natasha
Snow falls like toy army parachute men
on a training mission.
Its frost blankets the roof-tops of
houses with its coldness like frost-bite
on my toes.
Its snowflakes skitter across the sky like
the gentle kick of a million soccer balls.
Snow creates igloos like a survival
expert showing off skills to his pupils.
By Matthew
Lightning strikes like tornados
commanding destruction in a small
Its laser strikes furiously like a jet plane
seeking its target.
Its thunder booms like TNT waiting
patiently to be ignited.
Lightning unexpectedly kills like a
murderer sneaking up on innocent
By Mark D
Ice-cream melts like chocolate left
open in the scorching summer sun.
It looks over the picturesque sunset
like a beautiful view of the city.
It burns me like gentle flickers of fire
on my bare arm.
Waterfalls jump off the hard rocks like
a bungy jumper diving off the harbour
By Angus
Wavy water wraps its cold body over
the earth like an evil monster choking
its prey.
Its soft touch feels like a white woolly
baby lamb feeding on milk.
Its waves float you away like a daddy
bird taking a little squiggly worm to his
Water shivers in the moonlight like an
owl's beady eyes shining from the
branches above.
By Elizabeth
Winter shivers like an enormous
snowflake silently covering the sky.
Its coldness freezes like ice-cubes in a
mini fridge.
Its mouth calls me to play gleefully like
a mysterious ghost.
Winter merrily gives me soft kisses like
a mother hen pecking her baby chicks
By Alka
Winter snowflakes dance like graceful
ballerina in white tu tus and shoes.
Its rain droplets patter like drum sticks
bouncing around on a base drum.
Its winds fly by making a sound like
saturated seals squealing while diving
along the shoreline.
Winter icicles hang off trees like flags
waving around on a stick.
By Isabelle
Autumn covers crumbly dirt like a leafy
blanket hiding in the dewy ground.
Its crunchy rough leaves dance like
prancing ballerinas twirling in the
frosty air.
Its warm colours glow like a blazing
bonfire on a dusky dark night.
Autumn glistens like glimmering scarlet
rubies cramped into rocky cravens yet
to be found by greedy miners.
By Aimee
Snowflakes dance like a delicate
ballerina at a very important concert.
Its snow covers the ground like a frosty
blanket on the fresh green grass.
Its icicles glow like millions of stars
lighting up a dark gloomy night.
Snowflakes disappear like puddles
evaporating on a hot summer's day.
By Eva
Ice-cream melts like wax oozing down
a candlestick.
The hot sun shines like glittery stars
sparkling in the night sky.
The burning sand heats my bare feet
like marshmallows thrown across a
blazing fire.
Barbeque sizzling sausages pop like
cracking Christmas crackers.
By Mark L