Change Notification:
Date of Issue:
29 September 2014
Subject: Reinstatement of Health
Proposed Implementation Date: 1 July 2015
Specialty Code M87
In June 2005 Health Speciality Code (HSC) ‘M87 Specialist Medical Genetics’ was retired. There has been
a request to have this code reinstated as without this code it is not possible to define any activity provided by
the Genetic Service.
National Collections Impacted by Change:
Context of the Change:
The ability for the DHBs to improve the reliability of data reporting into National Collections is important.
There are National Services Purchase Unit Codes (PUCs) which are used for most work, but the service also
makes use of the non-contact First Specialist Appointment (FSA) purchase units, which are either Medical,
or Any Specialty. If the DHBs report activity into these PUCs it is not possible to define the activity as
provided by the Genetic Service, as the code is not currently available.
The information would then be reported to the National Non-Admitted Patient Collection (NNPAC).
Details of Proposed Change:
Reinstate Health Specialty Code:
Specialist Medical Genetics
This code will be available for event records with an event start date on or after 01 July 2015.
What is Expected of the Sector:
This Health Specialty Code should be reported to NNPAC where applicable, for event records with an event
start date on or after 01 July 2015.
This code should not be used to report to NMDS or NBRS.
Impact of Change on National Collection(s):
This new Health Specialty Code will be available in NNPAC.
Contact: If you have any questions regarding this change notice, please email [email protected] or
contact Ron Wood (Project Manager) on 04 816 3352
Date of Issue:
29 September 2014
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