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High Flow Rates Available with SEMI-GAS® Bulk Specialty
Gas Source Systems
Equipped to handle hazardous specialty gases, system provides flow rates of up to
1,000 slpm
Malvern, Pa. July 2011 – SEMI-GAS® Systems, a division of Applied Energy
Systems, Inc, and a manufacturer of industry-leading ultra-high purity gas source
and distribution systems, offers bulk specialty gas source systems to safely deliver
hazardous specialty gases from large vessels at high flow rates. The source
systems are designed to supply NH3, HCl, SiH4, N2O, H2 and other hazardous
specialty process gases at flow rates from 100 slpm to 1,000 slpm.
SEMI-GAS Systems’ bulk specialty gas source systems consolidate many gas
cabinets into a single system for high volume semiconductor production, as well as
for high gas volume consuming processes, as found in LED and solar cell
production applications. With consideration to the local climate, the source systems
can be installed indoors or outdoors.
Source vessel heating is incorporated into the system to facilitate the liquid to gas
phase change and to sustain the high gas flow rates. Additional heating elements
within the process gas lines, prior to pressure regulation, also control the enthalpy
and undesirable phase changes.
Bulk specialty gas source systems help increase operator safety by minimizing the
frequency that the operator must change the empty gas cylinders. Safe operation is
also ensured through several levels of system redundancy designed into the source
system to continue critical gas supply and system operation at all times, avoiding
costly downtime.
Every source system from SEMI-GAS Systems includes a PLC controller designed
to monitor analog and digital process sensors, perform purging and cylinder
switchover automatically and continuously monitor system conditions for alarms,
including flow, pressure, exhaust and fire. The source system will shutdown
automatically in the event of an alarm trip. All of these elements can be monitored
and controlled via the color touch screen operator interface.
The standard source system enclosures are 86" tall, 40" wide and 23" deep and
constructed of welded 11 gage steel. Each features a self-closing and self-latching
door and window with 1/4" thick safety glass and polycarbonate face shield for
increased operator protection. The included fire sprinkler is UL-approved.
For more information contact Megan Kasper at [email protected] or 610647-8744.
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Since 1968, Applied Energy Systems, Inc has produced ultra-high purity gas
handling and distribution equipment. In addition to its industry-leading SEMI-GAS®
Systems division, Applied Energy Systems manufactures gas cabinets, valve
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and precision welding services for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical,
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