Medieval Manor Exercise

Medieval Manor – Design to Survive Project
Life in the Middle Ages was dangerous and harsh for the majority of the population
of Europe. It was a time when kings owned all the land; allowing vassals to use it in
exchange for supplying the king with soldiers and goods. This is the era in which
you have been tasked with crafting a successful Medieval manor. Follow the steps
below as you design a working replica of life in the Middle Ages.
You will have approximately 2-3 weeks to create this environment. At the
culmination of your project, you will have created a well-developed medieval
manor. Bravo!
You should name your project as follows: Medieval Manor
You may not use any mods, cheats, or futuristic design elements in this build. Doing so
will result in a failing grade.
Step 1 – Locate a water source and build a Manor House in close proximity to the
source (within 100 blocks). Your house should be made of stone and wood (small
glass windows are permitted). Your manor house should include the following: 4-6
bedrooms, a banquet hall (kitchen with a long table), and a large main room when
you enter. Keep it simple, and add nothing extravagant, futuristic, or modern. Your
Manor House may not be more than 2 stories tall. Once it is complete, move to step
Step 2 – Within 50 blocks of your Manor House, build 6-8 small houses for your
Serfs or Peasants. Each house should consist of 1 room with a bed, a single window,
a small door, and little else. Serf’s Houses should be made of wood, have dirt/grass
floors, and have a roof made of grass/twigs, etc. Create a dirt path to connect these
houses to the Manor House. The Serfs’ Houses should be located next to one another
along the dirt path. Once you have completed this step, you can move to step 3.
Step 3 – Extend your dirt path 50-75 blocks in two directions (this could be in a
straight line, or at an angle). Now you will cultivate Farmland, an essential part of a
Medieval manor and of the Feudal System. Each section of farmland should be
50x50 blocks in area. You should have 4 distinct areas of farmland. 2 areas should
be for crops (you may only grow crops that actually grew in Europe and that would
provide food for your lord/king). 1 area of your farmland should be fallow (meaning
that it is left unplanted to allow the soil to gain nutrients). 1 area of your farmland
should be a pasture that contains 10-15 cows and 10-15 sheep (this area should be
enclosed by a wooden fence or a stone wall that is no more than 2 blocks high). Once
you have completed this step, you can move to step 4.
Step 4 – Now it is time to craft a Mill. Your manor depends on this Mill to grind
wheat and barley and to store excess grain and meat. Your Mill must be located
within 50 blocks of your Serf’s Houses and your Manor House, and it must be
located along a running water source (river or stream). You must also create a dirt
path connecting your Mill to your Manor House, your Serfs’ Houses and your
farmland. Your Mill must be 20 blocks long by 16 blocks wide. Your Mill should be
constructed of stone with an angled wooden roof. It must include a large open door
facing the water source. Inside your Mill you should have storage containers for at
least 2 different crops (the two that you chose to grow in step 3), and each storage
container should be labeled. Lastly, build a water wheel or other device that is
connected to your Mill and to the water source so that you can grind wheat and
barley. Once you have completed this step, you can move to step 5.
Step 5 – You should now have an effective replica of a Medieval Manor, but the
Middle Ages were dangerous, and the time has come to build your Castle. Your
castle must be within 100 blocks of either your Manor House or your Serfs’ Houses.
Your castle must be connected to other structures by a dirt path or a gravel road.
Your castle MUST have the following design elements: a wall surrounding the castle
that is at least 10 blocks high, a moat filled with water only surrounding the
perimeter of the wall (the moat must be at least 8 blocks wide), 3 towers that are at
least 25 blocks high, a subterranean dungeon for prisoners, a bedroom for the king
and queen, a large kitchen for all who live in the castle to dine in, and an armory to
store weapons. At least 10 soldiers should be placed along the castle wall or on
towers to protect the castle from barbarians. Once you complete this step, you can
move to step 6.
Step 6 – For the final aspect of your Medieval Manor, you will create a
Church/Cathedral for the king, lords, knights, peasants, and serfs to worship in.
Your church/cathedral must be connected to your other structures by a dirt path or
gravel road. Your church must be within 75 blocks of another major structure
(castle, manor house, or mill). Your church may be constructed of any type of stone,
wood, and gold. Your church should be at least 40 blocks long by 20 blocks wide. It
should have large glass windows on each side, a large doorway to enter through,
two rows of pews, and a large glass window at the back of the church. Once you have
completed your church, take a moment to reflect on what you have created. You
now have a fully functional Feudal Manor in almost every architectural way.
Congratulations, and barbarians beware because your kingdom is poised for