Hankook Tire to Build Global Sixth Plant in China

Hankook Tire convinces in the big summer tire test 2011
Hankook OPTIMO K715 convinces testers without weaknesses in the top group with full
Patented Stiffness Control Contour Theory for top handling and durability
New Hankook Kinergy ECO scores particularly with rolling resistance and mileage
Neu Isenburg/Germany, 28. Februar 2011 – Hankook Tire absolutely convinced the testers of the
European automobile clubs ADAC (Germany), OEAMTC (Austria) and TCS (Switzerland) in their
current summer tire test 2011. The Hankook Optimo K715 in the dimension 175/65R14T receives nothing
but top marks. A reason for the top results, the testers name the extraordinary performance of the Hankook
summer tire in all safety related disciplines and the overall well balanced driving characteristics of the
approved profile. The Optimo K715, therewith, seamlessly follows a long tradition of excellent test results
of Hankook Tire worldwide.
For more than four decades the ADAC, with its European partners, has been undertaking comprehensive
and extensive tire tests. Great importance has always been attached to a well balanced relationship of the
various characteristics with one another. In addition, the results for fuel consumption and abrasion have
effects on the rating of the ADAC summer tire test. Here too, the Optimo K715 presents itself at its best.
Because of its relatively low rolling resistance, the tire not only protects the wallets of motorists at the gas
station; its low abrasion is moreover particularly beneficial for the environment.
In addition, the Hankook Kinergy ECO displayed itself skillfully to the engineers of the test scene in its
first year on the market. The tire with greatly reduced rolling resistance of a totally new generation, was
able to prevail with a "recommendable" performance in the second tested dimension 195/65R15V. The tire
impressed especially in the increasingly important criteria rolling resistance and mileage. Here, the brandnew Hankook tire achieved best grades compared to the established competition.
"Being in the top league of tested tires, proves that we opted for the right strategy," says Jin-Wook Choi,
Executive Vice-President of Hankook Tire Europe and head of the company. "Each year we invest more
than five percent of our sales into research and development of new tires. And this apparently pays off. The
technical challenges in modern standard tires are the combination of maximum safety and efficiency under
all road and weather conditions. With our product Optimo K715 we have achieved an optimum. In
addition, our new environmentally friendly product Kinergy Eco is convincing, because it offers a good
overall performance with excellent fuel consumption and mileage compared to the competition. And that's
exactly what it was designed for. "
* Kontrol Technology
Derived from the English terms Kinetic (for movement) and Control (for control), Hankook Tire Kontrol
Technology reflects the best possible controllability of the interaction between the driver, the vehicle and
the road by the tyres during the journey. Kontrol Technology has been developed in order to provide the
vehicle driver with all currently available benefits of the latest Hankook tyre technology in terms of safety,
driving characteristics, comfort and environmental compatibility.
About Hankook Tire
Hankook Tire is one of the world's largest and fastest growing tyre manufacturers for innovative, high-quali
ty and high-performance radial tyres for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, RVs, trucks, and buses as well
as motorsports (circuit racing/rallies). The company invests some five percent of its revenues in R&D ever
y year. Their five Research and Development labs in Korea, Germany, USA, China and Japan develop the
very latest in market-specific, customised and innovative technologies. They greatly contribute in providing
optimal tyre solutions designed to meet the regional requirements and demands of their customers. Hanko
ok Tire employs more than 14,000 employees worldwide and sells its products in more than 180 countries.
Internationally leading car manufacturers rely on tyres made by Hankook Tire for their original equipment.
About 70 percent of Hankook's income is generated by sales outside Korea.
Hankook Tires European headquarters are located in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt am Main. The company
has branches in Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary, Russia, Turkey, S
weden and Poland. Hankook products are sold directly through regional distributors in other European coun
tries. The importance that Hankook Tire attaches to the European market is reflected in its decision to inves
t more than 500 million Euros in the construction of a production facility in Hungary, which went into oper
ation in June 2007. Here, more than 1,300 employees produce more than 15,000 tyres a day (this amounts t
o more than five million tyres a year) for passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks in more than 300 different s
izes. The state-of-the-art facility produces customised products and original equipment tyres for the Europe
an market in line with the specifications of leading European automobile manufacturers. Following the seco
nd stage of expansion which started in 2009, the Hungarian facility should be able to produce more than ten
million tyres per year when operating at full capacity.
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