Oxford High School

Oxford High School ’10-‘11
Rebecca Mann
[email protected]
Every student can learn math. It is my belief that all students have the right to learn in the best environment
possible. I also believe that every person is responsible for his or her actions and will be held accountable. It is
my goal to maintain a learning environment of mutual respect, free of criticism and fear.
My goal is for the students to build a solid geometry foundation that will assist all students on college
entrance exams as well as the real world. Topics such as points, lines, planes, segments, angles, proofs,
parallel and perpendicular lines, triangles, polygons, circles, and trigonometry will be studied with a traditional
approach and by the discovery method to encourage higher-order thinking skills.
Glencoe: Geometry
Online Textbook: www.geometryonline.com
Access Code: E408322388
Notebook or Binder
Folder or Composition Book for Journals
TI-30 calculator (or other scientific calculator)
Homework will be assigned and collected almost daily. Math is a subject that builds upon itself. The tools and skills
covered in each lesson needs to be practiced to be mastered. As a student, you need to continually ask yourself, "Do I
understand what I'm doing? Why am I doing it and what information is needed to use this method?" If you can answer
these questions for each topic covered, your grade will take care of itself.
You need to plan to spend time everyday on your homework. There may be problems that are unusually
difficult that I have not prepared you for. In this case, you need to write down what you know, what you have
tried, and the questions you will ask me the next day that will get you going on the problem. If you have
shown this effort, and written this information on your homework page, I will grade it according to your effort
and your explanation.
Oxford High School ’10-‘11
Class Expectations
• Be in your seat, working on warm-up problems and ready to learn when the bell rings.
• Come to class prepared – bring necessary materials listed above.
• Respect yourself and others. There will be no put downs; no talking when the teacher or your
peers are speaking.
• No food or drink in the classroom (except bottled water).
• No cell phones or other electronic devices are allowed. (See Student Handbook.)
• Verbal/written warning
• Parental Contact
• Detention/Write-Off
• Office Referral
The following grading policy will be used:
 Assessment
 Daily
The Assessment category will contain tests, projects, and quizzes. Tests and projects will count twice in this
category and quizzes will count once to make up 60% of your average. Nine-weeks tests will be given at the
end of the 1st and 3rd nine-weeks which will count as a test grade. Semester exams will be given at the end of
the 2nd and 4th nine-weeks which will count 20% of your semester grade.
The Daily Grades category will include homework, presentations, and daily work which will count 40% of your
average in PowerSchool. Warm-Ups will be checked on a weekly basis and combined for a weekly daily grade.
It will be your responsibility to keep up with your entire week’s worth of warm-ups. You will also be
responsible for completing journals for each chapter which will be due the day of the test.
NO LATE HOMEWORK WILL BE ACCEPTED!!! If you fail to turn in your homework on the assigned due date,
then you will be allowed to turn in an alternate assignment on Friday that will result in you receiving half
credit which will be a grade of 65 in PowerSchool. A student may request to complete a maximum of two (2)
alternate assignments per nine weeks. It is your responsibility to turn in your work on the due date. If you
have been absent, then you will need an excused absence within 3 days to be able to make-up any missed
work. Unexcused absences will result in zeros for all work missed. All make-up tests will be given on
mornings from 7:00 – 7:45 or afternoons from 3:15 – 4:00 on a day to be determined!!!
All assignments will be posted on the weekly board, the digital locker on eSembler, and the weekly email
newsletter. To access my Teacher Webpage:
1. Go to the district webpage www.oxford.k12.ms.us
2. Select Oxford High School under the Schools tab at the top of the page.
3. On the OHS webpage click the Teachers tab at the top of the page
4. Click on my name Rebecca Mann to access class notes, homework assignments, and the calendar.
Oxford High School ’10-‘11
The following scale has been adopted by Oxford School District Board of Trustees and is in place for the 20102011 school year.
A: 100 – 90
B: 89 – 80
C: 79 – 70
D: 69 – 65
F: Below 65
It is important that students remain in the classroom unless it is an absolute emergency. Therefore, I will not
allow you to go to the restroom unless I see it as an emergency. You will be expected to go to the restroom in
between classes. No student will be allowed to leave the classroom without a hall pass. Any time you must
leave the class, it will be counted as a tardy. Emergencies will be handled by the front office.
 Do not try to explain tardies. You should be seated as you enter the classroom.
 You are said to be tardy if you are not in the threshold of the room when the bell rings.
 Tardies count as 1/3 of an absence toward the attendance policy.
You will be assigned a calculator to use during class. You should get your calculator from the caddie on the
wall when you enter the classroom. No one will leave the classroom until all calculators are returned to the
caddie and I dismiss you. If you are caught stealing a calculator or using a calculator that is not assigned to
you, then you will be referred to the principal immediately.
If you are suspected of texting, using your phone, or other banned electronics, then your phone or electronic
equipment will be taken up and given to the principal. Your parent/guardian must pick up your phone or
equipment from the principal. If you refuse to turn over your phone or electronic device, then you will be
referred to the principal and receive an automatic 3-day out of school suspension. To help with the
temptation of phones and electronic devices, no purses, bags, or backpacks will be allowed on or around the
students’ desks. Your purses, bags, and backpacks should be placed along the back wall of the classroom
when you enter each day.
Much of this class will be spent doing work in groups. It is expected that when working in groups, you will
remain on task, keep discussions within your group only, and keep an appropriate volume level. For
presentations, one random group member will be chosen to present solutions his or her group discussed and
the mathematics supporting those solutions. This group member’s performance will determine the entire
group’s grade for the presentation. Therefore, it is imperative to hold each other accountable during group
work. Failure to comply with group work expectations will result in grade deductions for every member of the